Standing 2m tall, with a penchant for colorful footwear and socks, I naturally stand out. Don’t let the extravaganza fool you: I’m a natural connector, with an excellent feeling for people and group dynamics. I grew up in the Croatian/Eastern European and Dutch/Nordic/Western cultures, which exposed me to diversity and understanding of how needless cultural misunderstandings really are. It’s also why I am a native speaker of Dutch, Croatian, and English.

My background is in business, with a masters in entrepreneurship and psychology. My career started with a corporate personal leadership traineeship, focused on international projects. I’ve worked in industries as diverse as postage, publishing, and sportswear; with business focuses ranging from IT and HR through to sales, finance, logistics, and retail; as well as merchandising, branding and marketing.

I’ve spent most of the last three years in social entrepreneurship as a program manager, working on strategy, technology, and doing business coaching. I’ve created hybrid programs between corporate and social businesses, the same with social business and NGOs, and managed a global social entrepreneurship network’s (Impact Hub) expansion on the African continent.

In this time I’ve had the honor to lead groups through transitions: from simple brainstorms to 200+ people multi-day team and strategy events, and everything in between. Put me on stage, and I come alive in service of the group.

I now split my time between Berlin, the Netherlands, and the Western Balkans, working to create more entrepreneurship opportunities, foster innovation, and help teams and organizations thrive.